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Engine damage?

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The engine is the beating heart of any Mercedes-Benz vehicle. A whole range of combustion engine variants are available – from gasoline and diesel engines to natural gas engines. All genuine remanufactured engines from Mercedes-Benz are of the same level of quality as new Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts and offer outstanding efficiency, performance and durability as well as a reduced environmental impact.

Reduced time off the road and low-cost repairs: With our extensive and instantly available portfolio of genuine remanufactured assemblies, you can find the perfect repair solution for your engine's repair requirements – from short block and long block engines to remanufactured complete major assemblies.

Your advantages at a glance.

Why should you have to choose between price and quality? Mercedes-Benz genuine exchange engines offer proven quality at an attractive price.

Quality at a fair price.

Short blocks from €3,200 including delivery to your Mercedes-Benz partner.

A star a word.

80 years of manufacturing experience.
Over 8,000 engines in stock.

Financial safety.

2 years warranty*.
In over 1,200 workshops.
* Warranty conditions may vary by country

The Mercedes-Benz engine portfolio.

The right solution for every need: from a large scope of delivery and short installation times to particularly attractive prices.

Remanufactured engine

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured engine is your complete solution among the range of remanufactured engines. Thanks to the plug-and-play concept, the genuine remanufactured engine will be installed and ready for the road in no time.

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Basic engine

The basic engine is the perfect middle ground between swift repairs and cost-effectiveness: reduced time off the road thanks to short-notice availability and simpler assembly.

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Long block

The long-block engine is a cost-effective solution. If the injectors are still intact, the long block is the right engine variant for you. It is also available as the long block plus, with injectors that you can order in addition.

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Long block plus

The long-block engine is a cost-effective solution. This option is typically around 35% cheaper than a complete remanufactured engine. If the injectors are still intact, the long block is also available without injectors.

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Short block

The short block – Repair solution that can save you money and an excellent alternative to replacing the complete engine. In the event of engine damage, the short block saves a significant amount of resources.

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Our process

Our exchange engines offer much more than repaired or overhauled engines. They undergo a sophisticated, industrial reconditioning process that is second to none.

In 6 steps to the genuine remanufatured engine.

The Mercedes-Benz engine portfolio at a glance.

Remanufactured engines for every need and budget.

Replacement engines from Mercedes-Benz – quality that you can depend on.

Every Mercedes-Benz replacement engine goes through a comprehensive remanufacturing process in which it is disassembled and cleaned, wear parts are replaced with new parts, and the engine is put back together again and subjected to rigorous testing. As a result, you can get your vehicle back on the road quickly after suffering engine damage. Our test stands simulate a range of driving situations to ensure the stringent quality requirements of Mercedes-Benz remanufactured engines. As a result, even commercial customers receive the same guarantee1) they would for a new engine.


You choose the right engine variant depending on whether you want the vehicle to be operational as soon as possible or are more interested in making the complete overhaul of your engine as affordable as possible.

Your engine remains an original – because unlike when independent engine repair workshops offer services such as engine repairs, maintenance or general overhauls, Mercedes-Benz uses exclusively genuine parts. We also integrate the latest quality improvements in our remanufacturing process and test every engine on unique test stands at our manufacturing plant. Our guarantee1) of two years means you can enjoy trouble-free motoring with your genuine remanufactured engine. Our engines are designed to enjoy a second life. Durable component parts can often be remanufactured as many as four times.

There's nothing more annoying than a broken-down vehicle. As engine professionals from the manufacturer, we can act swiftly to help you out if you experience problems with your engine. It doesn't matter whether your engine is producing smoke, making noises, delivering less output than usual, misfiring during start-up or has sprung a leak or two over the years. We will find a good solution to any customer request.

At our Mercedes-Benz dealers, you can purchase not only a standard Mercedes-Benz engines but also a range of cheaper parent engine alternatives such as the basic engine, long block, long block plus or short block (basic engine). The latter offers a good price/performance ratio, because engine damage does not always mean that the entire engine has to be repaired; instead, it is often merely a matter of replacing only the damaged components, such as the crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, crankcase or engine block. Any still-intact detachable parts such as the turbocharger, control units, engine wiring harness, water pump, high-pressure pump, vacuum pump, common rail injection system, injectors, injection nozzles and in some cases even the cylinder head can still be used.


What needs to be taken into account for the various engine repair options?

In the case of damage that is limited to a few specific detachable parts such as the turbocharger, component replacement may be the alternative that comes at the lowest cost. However, taking this route does present a considerable risk in older vehicles that another part could soon fail as well, and your vehicle could end up having to be repaired repeatedly at ever-increasing cost. That's why it is worth considering whether it might not be better to purchase a replacement engine, which comes with an excellent guarantee on the entire major assembly and will make driving a pleasure for a long time to come. Engine experts also always advise drivers to have their engine professionally diagnosed to ensure that no other component parts of the defective individual part have also been damaged. All it takes is a small metal chip from the turbocharger's compressor wheel, for example, to cause terminal engine damage.


1)Applies to commercial customers and can vary from country to country