The remanufactured tachograph fits perfectly into the vehicle and is capable of providing all the relevant information. It reliably complies with the legal requirements for recording driving and rest times as well as the driven miles and speeds – just like a new part.


This genuine remanufactured part brings your vehicle's radio up to the current quality standard of the equivalent new part. All of the components are tested in a professional analysis and remanufacturing process, and defective printed circuit boards are replaced completely. The software is updated, and the rotary switches and buttons are replaced. The device is

Control Unit

The control unit is the electronic heart of the powertrain and as genuine remanufactured part as reliably as a new part. During its remanufacturing, the control unit undergoes full electronic testing and is loaded with the latest software. The wear-and-tear parts are replaced with new parts. The components are therefore ideally matched, ensuring outstanding engine


The genuine remanufactured alternators meet the latest quality standards and satisfy the Mercedes-Benz testing requirements. All parts are cleaned and have any corrosion removed before being remanufactured and tested. Furthermore, the threads are reworked, and all small parts are replaced with new parts. The balanced rotor ensures refinement and a long service life on a


Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz quality standards we apply in the remanufacturing process, the genuine remanufactured starter fires up the engine as reliably as a new part. In our professional remanufacturing process, we balance the rotor, e.g. to enhance refinement. We replace all wear-and-tear parts, seals and electrical contact bridges with new parts.

Diesel particulate filter EURO VI

Exceptionally efficient and economical: the genuine remanufactured EURO VI diesel particulate filter proves its quality with maximum filtering efficiency, hence equaling a new part in terms of excellence. The set, which includes all necessary parts, is available at an attractive price and is easy to install, thus reducing vehicle downtime.

Diesel injection pump

Even as a genuine remanufactured part, the diesel injection pump reliably produces the required pressure so that the injectors can atomize the fuel in the combustion chamber. In a multi-stage process, we relie on our manufacturer's expertise to professionally dismantle and clean the pump before remanufacturing it to high Mercedes-Benz standards.

Diesel injection nozzle

The genuine remanufactured diesel injection nozzles inject the fuel precisely into the combustion chamber, in which the atomization is optimized. Thanks to a fast part availability and an attractive price, this genuine remanufactured part is an economical repair solution if the injectors need replacing.

Common Rail

AdBlue® dosing pump

The genuine remanufactured AdBlue® dosing pump meets the same strict requirements as a new part in terms of operation and durability. AdBlue® helps to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines. The proper functioning of the part is therefore decisive when it comes to compliance with emissions requirements.