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Belt tensioner

Mercedes-Benz genuine belt tensioner as a remanufactured part

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  • Optimal driving performance
  • Full functionality
  • Genuine parts quality from the manufacturer
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What are the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured belt tensioner?

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured belt tensioner is perfectly adapted to the remaining engine components and facilitates a comfortable driving experience.

How does the belt tensioner work?

The belt tensioner keeps the poly-V-belt of a belt drive under tension. The poly-V-belt transmits the torque generated by the engine in a non-positive manner from the crankshaft to the ancillary equipment only if it is under tension.

A belt tensioner usually consists of a holder attached to the engine, a bracket with a vibration damper and a guide pulley. The tension of the belt tensioner is usually defined by a spring that is directed against the pressure of the poly-V-belt.

The belt tensioner is required because the poly-V-belt becomes longer over time due to the constant tension. This difference must be offset. In addition, the belt tensioner minimizes vibrations that come from the rotational irregularities of the crankshaft so that the ancillary equipment is not damaged.


Mercedes-Benz quality for your van belt tensioner.

Expertise from current Mercedes-Benz series production is incorporated in our remanufacturing process. The remanufactured part is comparable to the equivalent Mercedes-Benz new spare part in terms of quality and functionality. In addition, intelligent saving of resources not only helps protect the environment but also goes easy on your wallet.

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