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Electric motor

Genuine car electric motor as a Mercedes-Benz remanufactured part
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  • Long service life
  • Full performance
  • Quality from the manufacturer
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Future mobility with the three-pointed star – the electric motor in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The remanufactured electric motor is specially designed for use in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It

has been remanufactured and tested on the basis of Mercedes-Benz's extensive expertise.

How does an electric motor work?

The electric motor, which is supplied with power by the high voltage battery, converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. But the

electric motor is also a central element in the recuperation of energy, whereby it generates electrical

energy from kinetic energy and then feeds this back to the high voltage battery. Electric motors are not

only low-wear but also – and above all – deliver torque quickly and without interruption. They can

be located in different areas of the vehicle. In all-electric vehicles, for example, they are installed

on the axle, which also allows for all-wheel drive vehicles. In hybrid vehicles, the electric motor

supports the combustion engine whenever it is performing sub-optimally – so usually in partial-load

operation with low power requirements. In this case, the electric motor is often integrated in the

traction head of the transmission system.

The electric motor in Mercedes-Benz quality.

During the remanufacturing process, wear and small parts are replaced in

order to ensure a long service life and outstanding performance. You also benefit from our attractively

priced spare parts, which allow you to not only save costs but also

reduce your environmental impact.

  • A-Class
    • W169 (2004 to 2012)
    • C169 (2004 to 2012)
  • B-Class electronic
    • W242 (from 2014)
  • smart e-drive II
    • W451 ed Phase II (2009 to 2011)
  • smart e-drive III
    • W451 ed Phase III (2012 to 2015)
  • smart e-drive IV
    • W453 ed Phase IV (from 2017)

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