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The genuine clutch components from our portfolio of remanufactured parts fulfill the high quality

requirements of series production. This means that the quality of our products are comparable to new

parts – and at an attractive price, too. Our clutches transmit power from the engine to the transmission

system reliably and over a long service life. The clutch parts are optimally matched to the other

Mercedes-Benz clutch components. They are manufactured to strict Mercedes-Benz standards of quality and

fit perfectly with the drivetrain. As a result, you benefit from reduced wear, an outstanding driving

experience, reduced noise and vibrations, outstanding vibration damping and no more jolting when you

drive off.

Clutch pressure plate

The genuine clutch pressure plate offers impressive power transmission and quality.

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Clutch plate

The genuine remanufactured clutch plate from Mercedes-Benz is fitted with springs that damp the

vibrations from the clutch and engine block.

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Clutch kit

The remanufactured clutch set not only eliminates juddering when you drive off, but also reduces

noise, vibrations and wear.

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Your Advantages at a Glance.

Why should you have to choose between a decent price and high quality? Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts offer proven quality at an attractive price.

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Economical replacement
part cost.

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Guaranteed Mercedes-Benz quality.

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Genuine Remanufactured clutches from Mercedes-Benz – nothing but comfortable shifting.

Low-cost repairs and reduced time off the road: Thanks to our extensive and near-instantly available

portfolio of genuine remanufactured parts, you'll find the perfect solution for any form of clutch

repair work. Remanufactured car clutches from Mercedes-Benz offer exceptional performance, endurance and

reliability. They fulfill the highest standards of quality and have a long service life. The focus here

is always on their functionality – i.e. ensuring optimum power transmission from the engine to the road.

Thanks to the outstanding expertise of our employees and standardized processes involving a series of

tests and inspections based on series production specifications, your clutch remains an original. You

can rely on a genuine remanufactured part in every way. It fulfills the exacting Mercedes-Benz

standards, incorporates the latest technological advancements and is designed for a long service life.