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As the heart of the vehicle, the engine converts chemical energy to kinetic energy. For this process to

take place, various detachable engine parts are needed that ensure that the engine functions flawlessly

and performs optimally thanks to perfect interaction. After all, an engine is only as efficient as the

perfectly interacting parts that surround it. These include the water pump, which ensures that the

engine is at the right operating temperature and does not overheat. Engines are also of course fitted

with a range of valves, which are controlled by the camshaft.

If repairs or a replacement are necessary, our remanufactured Mercedes-Benz genuine detachable engine

components are highly recommended. The parts offer the tried-and-trusted standard of quality and

outstanding value for money you can expect from Mercedes-Benz and are also

extremely cost-efficient. Since our detachable engine components are perfectly matched to your

engine, they can be quickly installed so that your car is back on the road again in no time. All parts

are readily available via Mercedes-Benz service partners.

Cylinder head

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured cylinder head offers outstanding dimensional accuracy, performance and


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Camshaft adjuster

With the camshaft adjuster from Mercedes-Benz's range of remanufactured parts, you can avoid the risk of

engine damage thanks to a product that offers the usual high standards of quality you can expect from


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Water pump

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured water pump ensures the reliable circulation of the coolant required for heat

exchange. This ensures that the engine stays at the right operating temperature and so does not


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Genuine remanufactured parts such as the flywheel meet the high series production standards of

Mercedes-Benz. The focus here is on precision and function.

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Your Advantages at a Glance.

Why should you have to choose between a decent price and high quality? Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts offer proven quality at an attractive price.

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part cost.

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Guaranteed Mercedes-Benz quality.

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Remanufactured genuine detachable engine parts with Mercedes-Benz quality.

In a complex remanufacturing process, the detachable engine parts are

disassembled into their separate parts, cleaned on the basis of series production expertise and

subjected to thorough and extensive testing. Parts that are worn or have out-of-date designs are

completely replaced with Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Remanufacturing incorporates the latest improvements from series production, ensured by a logged test

stand process. Various everyday applications are simulated so that the system functions meet the

exacting Mercedes-Benz series production requirements. This ensures that the engine is fuel-efficient

and functions flawlessly. Remanufacturing plays an active role in protecting the environment because

some component parts from the remanufactured parts range can be remanufactured as many as four times. It

also lowers costs, and we pass those savings on to you.