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Genuine remanufactured car screen for Mercedes-Benz
Price not available
  • The latest software
  • High image resolution
  • Outstanding value for money
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What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured screen?

In our range of remanufactured parts for cars, you can quickly and easily find the Mercedes-Benz screen

you are looking for. Our remanufactured parts are not only attractively priced, but also built at an

extremely high level of quality. In a careful analysis process, all the components are checked and then

replaced. All the latest software and hardware developments are integrated so that the customer

ultimately receives a state-of-the-art system. As a result, the genuine remanufactured part screen looks

and performs like a new part.

How does the car screen work?

Many cars today feature electronic displays and even mini computers in the cockpit. They perform a range

of functions: Drivers can display the route chosen by the navigation system on the screen; connect their

mobile device to play music or make a telephone call; and call up on-board data on the status and

functioning of their car.

Be kind to your wallet and the environment with the remanufactured part car screen.

The remanufactured screens from Mercedes-Benz are your key to minimizing

direct costs. Because the remanufacturing process helps to save raw

materials, the products offer a high level of economic efficiency and are ecofriendly.

Another benefit is that you will be reimbursed at an attractive rate for your used part.

    This quote is not binding. Subject to errors and sale. The product pictures are exemplary. Information on available model series may vary and can be obtained from your Mercedes-Benz dealer.