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Suspension strut for AIRMATIC and ABC suspension

Genuine remanufactured part car suspension strut for Mercedes-Benz
Price not available
  • Adjustment of the absorption characteristic according to the driver's preference
  • Full functionality and freedom from dirt
  • Hard-wearing anti-corrosion paint
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What are the benefits of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured suspension strut or ABC suspension?

With a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Part suspension strut, you benefit from both the full

functionality of your suspension system and a long service life at an attractive price. After all, only

when the suspension struts are fully intact can the AIRMATIC and Active Body Control (ABC) suspension

and shock absorption systems ensure that your vehicle benefits from maximum ride comfort and dynamics.

Mercedes-Benz suspension struts are remanufactured to the latest technological state of the art.

How does a suspension strut work?

The suspension strut is a suspension component consisting of a spring and damper. The AIRMATIC suspension

strut is an air spring, while the ABC suspension strut is a steel spring with adjustable foot. Wheel

forces due to the unevenness of the roadway are transferred via the axle to both the damper and springs.

Manufacturer expertise in the remanufacture of the Mercedes-Benz suspension strut.

Thanks to standardized Mercedes-Benz quality, you receive a genuine remanufactured part suspension strut

for your AIRMATIC and ABC suspension. Since the remanufactured part is


by Mercedes-Benz and installed in a specialist workshop, full functionality is ensured. After all,

only thanks to the professional, high-precision installation of the suspension strut can any negative

impacts on the handling characteristics be avoided. With a genuine remanufactured part suspension strut

from Mercedes-Benz for the AIRMATIC and ABC suspension, you receive a spare part that not only meets the

same standards of quality as a new part but also helps you to save

money. This is because remanufacturing genuine remanufactured parts uses fewer resources than

manufacturing new parts.

Suspension strut for AIRMATIC and ABC suspension

For outstanding ride comfort thanks to damping, depending on the driving situation. No compromises! With suspension struts for AIRMATIC or ABC suspension, you benefit from manufacturer quality you can feel – with high dimensional accuracy and full functionality. You'll love the reliable, durable and value-retaining remanufactured parts from Mercedes-Benz!

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