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Engine control unit

Truck engine control unit as a genuine remanufactured part for Mercedes-Benz

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  • Exceptional computing power
  • Latest software
  • Comprehensive electronic testing
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What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured engine control unit?

As a genuine remanufactured part, the engine control unit controls the engine as reliably and efficiently as th equivalent new part. It is a powerful mini computer and has to carry out a multitude of calculations in real time. The components are precisely matched to each other and help the engine to achieve outstanding performance characteristics, with smooth running and efficient fuel consumption and emissions figures. During remanufacturing, the control unit undergoes comprehensive electronic testing and is updated with the latest software.

How does an engine control unit work?

The engine control unit is responsible making sure that its individual components operate smoothly. Various sensors in the vehicle transmit data to the control unit to be analyzed and processed. For example, the engine control unit receives data concerning oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, coolant temperature and ambient pressure.

Symptoms of a defective truck engine control unit.

Burned-out component parts or dry solder joints in the control unit may lead to a defect that could manifest itself in various ways as a result of the different tasks that the component part has to perform.

There are various signs that could indicate that the engine control unit is defective and therefore in need of repair. The most common symptoms include:

  • The indicator lamp on the instrument panel lights up steadily
  • Fuel consumption increases
  • The engine makes unusual noises
  • The engine will not start
  • The engine occasionally has trouble starting
  • The engine switches itself off

Mercedes-Benz quality with an engine control unit as a remanufactured part.

With a genuine remanufactured truck control unit, you receive a spare part with the standard Mercedes-Benz high level of quality, comparable to that of the equivalent new part. Using resources smartly and economically throughout the remanufacturing process means not only protects the environment, but ultimately also saves you money because of how cost-effective the remanufactured parts are.

  • Atego 1
  • Atego 2
  • Atego 3
  • Axor 1
  • Axor 2
  • Axor 3
  • Actros 1
  • Actros 4
  • Antos
  • Arocs
  • Econic
  • Unimog

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