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Genuine remanufactured truck retarder for Mercedes-Benz
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  • Less brake wear
  • Complete overhaul in line with the highest Mercedes-Benz standards
  • Rapid delivery and reimbursement for your used part at an attractive rate
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What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured truck retarder?

A hydrodynamic retarder or secondary coolant-retarder as a genuine remanufactured part uses advanced technology, is matched exactly to the other suspension components and is the first retarder to use water for braking. That means that the component part achieves effective braking power and produces 80% less brake dust. It also allows for a refined and comfortable driving experience and is maintenance-free as well. The compact nature of the retarder means that it takes up 50% less space, while the genuine remanufactured part also cuts 35 kg off the weight of the major assembly.

Physical characteristics of the secondary coolant retarder:

  • High density
  • High specific heat capacity
  • Low viscosity, almost entirely independent of temperature

Naturally, we also offer a diverse range of conventional oil retarders as remanufactured replacement parts.

How does the hydrodynamic retarder in a Mercedes-Benz truck work?

Long downhill stretches and heavy loads in particular subject the brakes to a lot of stress, and they wear more quickly as a result.

The hydrodynamic brake system from Mercedes-Benz works with hydraulic oil, and sometimes with water, which is regulated via a control valve and directed into the torque converter housing. This makes it a wear-free vehicle brake, also known as a hydrodynamic retarder. The torque converter housing consists of two rotationally symmetrical torus members sitting opposite each other, a rotor connected to the vehicle's drivetrain and a fixed stator. The rotor accelerates the fluid supplied (hydraulic oil or water), while centrifugal force pushes it outward. The shape of the rotor blades causes the fluid to be directed to the stator and back again, thereby braking the rotor and consequently the propeller shaft.

The retarder is actuated pneumatically via a compressed-air controller. To activate it, the retarder housing is filled with fluid from a reservoir, which is automatically pumped back through the torus members as the pressure decreases.

Mercedes-Benz quality for your truck retarder.

A completely remanufactured retarder from Mercedes-Benz is part of the brake system and is remanufactured in accordance with the high standards of quality applicable to series production and the latest Mercedes-Benz specifications. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured parts protect the environment, and there is a financial benefit, too.

  • Atego 1
  • Atego 2
  • Atego 3
  • Axor 1
  • Axor 2
  • Axor 3
  • Actros 1
  • Actros 2
  • Actros 3
  • Actros 4
  • Antos
  • Arocs
  • Econic
  • Zetros

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