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Gear actuator

Truck gear actuator as genuine remanufactured parts for Mercedes-Benz
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  • Enhanced ride comfort
  • Optimized shifting strategy
  • Reduced material wear and fuel consumption
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What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured electric transmission counter shaft?

Quality and reliability are paramount when it comes to a Mercedes-Benz genuine transmission counter shaft as a genuine remanufactured part. The electric transmission counter shaft ensures that the correct gear is selected precisely in automated manual transmissions. It is remanufactured in accordance with the latest Mercedes-Benz specifications and boasts impressive dimensional accuracy and enormous longevity thanks to its robust design. Remanufacturing of a transmission control unit incorporates expertise in the latest series production methods from Mercedes-Benz. The part is therefore comparable to the equivalent new part in terms of quality and functionality.

How does an electric transmission control unit work?

Transmission control units are key elements of automatic transmissions. They enable fully automatic gear changes in commercial vehicle manual transmissions.

The transmission control unit actuates the electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical transmission counter shaft and thereby ensures comfortable, dynamic handling. It combines the use of a transmission control unit with an array of sensors. It also carries out diagnostics on the automatic transmission and its components. Thanks to the latest technology and processes, the sensor system, actuators, control unit and functional software are integrated in sturdy, high-performance, cost-optimized units. Sensor units are used to acquire physical data such as engine speed, pressure, temperature, travel, angle, etc.

The modules are usually mounted directly on the manual transmission or connected to it via coupling mechanisms. They consist of a combination of mechanical and electronic component parts.

Automated AMT modules of this type are extremely complex owing to the integration of a wide range of functions. Automating a manual transmission improves ride comfort as the driver no longer has to worry about complex gear changes. At the same time, it allows the driver to pay more attention to road traffic.

The optimized shifting strategy in your truck reduces both material wear and fuel consumption. Moreover, it automatically adjusts the system to suit the driving situation.

How do you identify a defective transmission control unit?

  • Vehicle will not shift to the next gear
  • Vehicle sometimes will not select reverse gear
  • Vehicle will not start
  • Transmission runs in emergency mode
  • Transmission makes unusual noises
  • Transmission control unit overheats
  • Driving position sensor transmits an implausible signal
  • Engine speed fluctuates substantially during travel
  • Automatic control panel lights up or flashes after start
  • Red drive positions on the transmission control display panel on the instrument cluster
  • Communication with the transmission control unit is not possible
  • Fault message on the display

Mercedes-Benz quality for your electronic transmission counter shaft.

With our remanufacturing process, the transmission control unit is broken down into its separate parts and then cleaned thoroughly. Wear parts are replaced and subjected to rigorous testing by trained professionals. We then put the transmission control unit back together and ship it. With a genuine remanufactured part from Mercedes-Benz, you will also be helping both your budget and the environment by conserving resources.

  • Actros 4
  • Antos
  • Arocs

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