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Release bearing

Genuine truck release bearing remanufactured parts for Mercedes-Benz
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  • Remanufacturing with the latest series production expertise
  • Original manufacturer quality
  • Great prices
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What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured release bearing?

With a Mercedes-Benz release bearing as a genuine remanufactured part, reliability can be restored to your truck's clutch process without any problems. With genuine remanufactured parts from Mercedes-Benz, our special remanufacturing process grants genuine parts a new lease of life. All wear parts are replaced with genuine parts, and the remaining components are painstakingly remanufactured. This ensures that our release bearing as a genuine remanufactured part boasts quality comparable to that of a new part.

How does a release bearing work?

The release bearing is responsible for the frictional connection between the transmission and the engine, which makes it an essential part of the clutch. The process is triggered mechanically or hydraulically when the clutch pedal is depressed and enables gears to be engaged and disengaged during travel. The force is transferred from the pedal to the release lever and the ball bearing and eventually to the disk spring of the clutch. Engaging and disengaging the disk spring thus brings about the engagement and disengagement of the gears.

What are the symptoms of a defective release bearing?

A defective release bearing often gives itself away through rasping and whistling noises audible during clutch engagement. If the release bearing has been worn for some time, it may be possible to hear the defect even without operating the clutch. The clutch may also slip. This manifests itself in the vehicle failing to accelerate in the normal way after a gear change despite the engine speed increasing.

The Mercedes-Benz release bearing: high quality at a low price.

Release bearings from the genuine remanufactured parts program feature the customary Mercedes-Benz quality and functionality. The remanufacturing process incorporates expertise in the latest series production methods from Mercedes-Benz. By having your old release bearing remanufactured, you will be helping not just your budget but the environment as well. That means that your Mercedes-Benz truck remains a true original – and the price is right, too.

  • Actros 4
  • Antos
  • Arocs

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