Front axle control arm

The Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured front axle control arm offers a long life cycle and long-lasting corrosion protection. Its excellent glide and sealing properties guarantee high temperature and wear resistance. In addition, the precise fitting allows faster integration into the vehicle.


The headlight offers optimum light output and efficient light distribution according to the manufacturer's standard. In addition, a perfect first time fit is ensured. In the event of accident repairs, for example, you can replace the headlights economically without sacrificing proven Mercedes-Benz quality.

NGT tank

To ensure the high Mercedes-Benz safety standards, we recommend using a genuine remanufactured part when replacing the NGT tank. This ensures that the ecofriendly bivalent natural gas drive functions as safely and reliably as a conventional drive system.

Power electronics

The genuine remanufactured power electronics are designed specifically for the vehicle. During the remanufacturing process for the genuine remanufactured power electronics, all defective printed circuit boards and fuses are replaced, the software is updated, and any new developments from series production are incorporated so that the electric motor can deliver its full power.

High voltage battery

The Mercedes-Benz remanufactured high-voltage battery is developed specifically for use in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It complies with the current series-production drawing status and is always loaded with the latest software. For maximum performance, the genuine remanufactured high-voltage battery is produced according to strict quality directives at Mercedes-Benz, making it fit for a long service life.

Electric motor

The remanufactured electric motor is developed specifically for use in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It has been remanufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with the valid drawing status. New developments in series production are incorporated here, and wear-and-tear parts and small parts are replaced. This ensures high performance, a long service life and durability.

Battery charger

The genuine remanufactured battery charger is perfectly matched to the alternative drive's electrical and electronic systems. Voltage and current are controlled so that the battery reaches its maximum capacity as quickly as possible. Charging is monitored so that the battery is charged as sparingly as possible. The genuine remanufactured part likewise impresses with its fast


This genuine remanufactured part brings your vehicle's radio up to the current quality standard of the equivalent new part. All of the components are tested in a professional analysis and remanufacturing process, and defective printed circuit boards are replaced completely. The software is updated, and the rotary switches and buttons are replaced. The device is

Sensor / Vehicle dynamics

The genuine remanufactured sensor/vehicle dynamics is perfectly matched to the Mercedes-Benz components and the dynamic handling control systems. With our exclusive manufacturer's know-how, we know exactly what matters here. Engine, transmission, navigation systems and suspension control systems are optimally controlled.

Engine control unit

The engine control unit is the electronic heart of the powertrain. This genuine remanufactured part controls the engine just as reliably as a new part. During its remanufacturing, the control unit undergoes full electronic testing and is loaded with the latest software. The wear-and-tear parts are replaced with new parts.