Mercedes-Benz, Genuine Remanufactured Parts, AIRMATIC/ABC Suspension


Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured suspension struts ensure fully functioning suspension and high mileage at an attractive price. AIRMATIC and Active Body Control (ABC) springing and damping systems can only deliver optimum ride comfort and driving dynamics with intact suspension struts. Our suspension struts are therefore remanufactured to the current state of the art using only genuine parts.
Available for following vehicles:
B-Class gas W242 (from 2013)
B-Class W246 (from 2011)
CLS Coupé C219 (from 2004)
CLS Coupé C218 (from 2011)
CLS Shooting Brake X218 (from 2012)
E-Class Sedan W211 (2002 to 2009)
E-Class Sedan W212 (from 2009)
E-Class Sedan V 212 (from 2010)
E-Class Wagon S 211 (2003 to 2009)
E-Class Wagon S/VF212 (from 2009)
GL Off-road X164 (2006 to 2012)
GL Off-road X166 (from 2012)
ML SUV W166 (2011 to 2014)
ML SUV W164 (2005 to 2011)
GLE SUV W166 (from 2015)
GLS SUV X166 (from 2012)
GLC Coupé C253 (from 2016)
GLC SUV X253 (from 2015)
R-Class SUV W251 (2006 to 2013)
R-Class SUV V 251 (from 2005)
S-Class Sedan W220 (1998 to 2005)
S-Class Sedan W221 (2005 to 2013)
S-Class Sedan W222 (from 2013)
S-Class Sedan Long Version V220 (1998 to 2003)
S-Class Sedan V221 (2005 to 2013)
S-Class Sedan Long Version V222 (from 2013)
S-Class Cabriolet A217 (from 2015)
S-Class Coupé C215 (1999 to 2006)
S-Class Coupé C216 (from 2006)
S-Class Coupé C217 (from 2014)
S-Class Maybach X222 (from 2014)
SL Roadster R230 (2001 to 2011)