Longblock without Injector

You can order a genuine remanufactured longblock either with or without injector. Furthermore, this flexible solution is particularly economical: compared with a remanufactured complete engine, you can save about 45% as any attachments that are still in working order can be reused. The longblock is quick to install thanks to preassembled valves in the completely remanufactured cylinder head, which reduces downtime. In the case of major engine damage in particular, the longblock is an inexpensive and practical solution. This genuine remanufactured is a perfect fit due to its reliability, durability and refinement on a par with a new part.
Available for many variants of the engine series OM646, OM651 und OM642. The genuine remanufactured longblock consists of:
  • Injectors (optional)
  • Pistons
  • Crankshaft
  • Camshaft
  • Oil pump
  • Oil injection nozzles
  • Oil pan
  • Connecting rods
  • Cylinder head with preassembled valves
  • Crankcase
  • Miscellaneous small parts
Available for following vehicles:
C-Class Sedan W203 (2000 to 2007)
C-Class Sedan W204 (2007 to 2014)
C-Class Wagon S203 (2000 to 2007)
C-Class Wagon S204 (2007 to 2014)
C-Class Coupé C204 (2011 to 2015)
C-Class Coupé CL203 (2001 to 2011)
C-Class Coupé CLC203 (2001 to 2007)
CLK Coupé C208 (1997 to 2002)
CLK Coupé C209 (2002 to 2010)
CLK Cabriolet A208 (1998 to 2003)
CLK Cabriolet A209 (2002 to 2010)
CLS Coupé C219 (from 2004)
CLS Coupé C218 (from 2011)
CLS Shooting Brake X218 (from 2012)
E-Class Sedan W211 (2002 to 2009)
E-Class Sedan W212 (from 2009)
E-Class Sedan V 212 (from 2010)
E-Class Wagon S 211 (2003 to 2009)
E-Class Wagon S/VF212 (from 2009)
GL Off-road X164 (2006 to 2012)
ML SUV W164 (2005 to 2011)
R-Class SUV W251 (2006 to 2013)
R-Class SUV V 251 (from 2005)
S-Class Sedan W221 (2005 to 2013)
S-Class Sedan V221 (2005 to 2013)