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Euro 6 diesel particulate filter

Truck diesel particulate filter genuine remanufactured parts for Mercedes-Benz
Цена недоступна
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Innovative technology
  • Long, predictable maintenance intervals
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What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Euro 6 diesel particulate filter?

A Mercedes-Benz diesel particulate filter as a genuine remanufactured part ensures compliance with the Euro 6 emissions standard, which makes it particularly efficient and economical. A highly specialist cleaning process enables a superlative standard of cleaning and thus full performance efficiency – comparable to the functionality of our new part.

This delivers the following specific benefits:

  • Improved fuel consumption and optimized engine output thanks to low exhaust gas back pressure
  • Long and predictable maintenance intervals

The gentle cleaning process preserves the full catalytic coating and filtration capacity by dispensing with harsh shot blasting and aggressive chemicals. This allows compliance with the statutory emissions standards. This complete surface finishing process and appropriate testing also ensure that the exhaust system is free of any leaks. Furthermore, every single diesel particulate filter is comprehensively tested in full load mode in highly specialist facilities, enabling full filtration efficiency like that of a new part.

How does a diesel particulate filter work?

The primary purpose of a diesel particulate filter is to filter out soot and ash. The intense heat in the exhaust system means that soot particles can be burned up in the diesel particulate filter. Tiny bits of particulate matter are almost entirely destroyed in the process.

The diesel exhaust gas is directed through a porous wall made of coated ceramic material. Various chemical properties ensure that the soot particles are trapped on the filter wall and then burned up at high temperatures while other exhaust gases flow through. The amount of these waste products is significantly reduced as exhaust gas aftertreatment continues. Ash is therefore left behind in the filter, and we can remove this during remanufacturing of our diesel particulate filter as a genuine remanufactured part.

Regeneration: what you need to do.

Once the diesel particulate filter reaches a certain fill level, the particulate matter is normally burned up at very high exhaust gas temperatures as part of automatic regeneration. If the operating conditions do not permit this, manual regeneration is required.

Ash is produced during this regeneration stage, and it can also clog up the diesel particulate filter. The filter therefore needs to be cleaned at set maintenance intervals so that it can continue to operate at full capacity.

Diesel particulate filter for your truck with Mercedes-Benz quality.

A Euro 6 diesel particulate filter as a genuine remanufactured part for your Mercedes-Benz truck offers an impressive level of quality and performance. The kit, which includes all the necessary parts, is available at a great price and reduces your vehicle's non-operational time thanks to a simple replacement process.

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