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Brake caliper

Our manufacturer's know-how enables us to optimally match the genuine remanufactured brake caliper to the other components of the Mercedes-Benz braking system. This means that the braking system achieves optimum braking power again after the overhaul, resulting in shorter stopping distances and increased traffic safety.
The driver benefits from the finely controllable and precise braking effect as well as from a uniform response and a high level of braking comfort as the braking system components operate with low vibrations. The high-quality surface alloy forms the basis for the durability of the genuine remanufactured part.
Available for following vehicles:
Atego 1
Atego 2
Atego 3
Axor 1
Axor 2
Axor 3
Actros 1
Actros 2
Actros 3
Actros 4