Diesel injection nozzle

The genuine remanufactured diesel injection nozzles inject the fuel precisely into the combustion chamber, in which the atomization is optimized. Thanks to a fast part availability and an attractive price, this genuine remanufactured part is an economical repair solution if the injectors need replacing.

Common Rail

AdBlue® dosing pump

The genuine remanufactured AdBlue® dosing pump meets the same strict requirements as a new part in terms of operation and durability. AdBlue® helps to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines. The proper functioning of the part is therefore decisive when it comes to compliance with emissions requirements.

Water pump

The genuine remanufactured water pump delivers maximum performance: it continuously supplies the cooling circuit with coolant, it reliably protects the engine against overheating, and it helps ensure its optimum operating temperature. The remanufacturing process of the water pump involves the replacement of all bearings and the use of Mercedes-Benz genuine parts to substitute wear-and-tear parts.


Full power and long service life: the genuine remanufactured turbocharger undergoes extensive machining and inspection. This includes the installation of a new compressor impeller, along with its balancing, and the thorough remanufacturing of the compressor housing for an exact connection to the engine.

Turbo brake

The genuine remanufactured turbo brake from Mercedes-Benz offers performance and reliability just like a new part. This is assured thanks to industrial cleaning and function tests that meet the high Mercedes-Benz quality standards applied during series production.


The genuine remanufactured flywheel meets the high Mercedes-Benz series-production standards in terms of precision and operation. The extensive remanufacturing of this part includes automatic and manual cleaning, pressing in of a new bearing, and the reworking of all threads. The ideally balanced flywheel helps tangibly reduce vibrations in the engine.

Retarder (hydr. braking system)

The genuine remanufactured retarder is remanufactured according to high series-production quality standards and the current Mercedes-Benz specifications. Hence, the component delivers effective braking performance and great reliability on a par with a new part.

Belt tensioner

The genuine remanufactured belt tensioner ensures that the drive belt has the optimum tension; it is ideally strained in every engine load range, and thus transferring the power to the auxiliary equipment effectively and without vibrations. All wear-and-tear parts are replaced, e.g. bearing, lubricant and tensioning spring. This ensures high levels of reliability and durability.

Connecting rod

The genuine remanufactured connecting rod is remanufactured to strict Mercedes-Benz standards and checked for dimensional accuracy – additionally, wear-and-tear parts are replaced with new parts, one example being the small-end bushing. Because only a part displaying the highest material quality can continuously withstand the mechanical loads. Our manufacturer's expertise enables us to match the connecting