Oil pump

The genuine remanufactured oil pump operates noiselessly, efficiently and economically. It produces the required pressure so that all of the engine's moving parts receive adequate lubrication at all times. In a multi-stage process, we apply our exclusive manufacturer's know-how to professionally dismantle and clean the pump before remanufacturing it to the high series-production standards.


The camshaft must be an exact fit if the engine intake and exhaust valves are to be controlled precisely and the engine is to run smoothly. The genuine remanufactured camshaft is hence remanufactured with the utmost precision and in compliance with the relevant series-production specifications in terms of cam geometry and cam position.

Air compressor (cylinder head)

The genuine remanufactured air compressor meets the highest quality standards: To ensure full functioning and performance, wear-and-tear parts are replaced with genuine parts, and the air compressor finally undergoes an end-of-line test to series-production standards.


The steering is a safety-relevant component that demands the utmost precision and reliability. Our manufacturer's know-how enables us to produce the genuine remanufactured component in a consistent process so that it responds to the driver's steering input accurately and allows the vehicle to be controlled precisely.

Power steering pump (hydraulic pump)

The genuine remanufactured power steering pump operates noiselessly, efficiently and economically – and is also just as durable as a new part. The hydraulic pump reliably supplies the steering gear with hydraulic oil so that the driver receives steering assistance at all times.


The genuine remanufactured crankshaft is remanufactured with the utmost care and precision. The convexity tolerances on the main and connecting-rod bearings, for example, are between 2 and 4 µ – exactly the same as in series production. This accuracy can only be achieved with precision machines and full knowledge of the relevant specifications.

Clutch booster

The genuine remanufactured hydraulic clutch booster is perfectly matched to the other clutch components and allows precise and comfortable shifting.

Clutch kit

The clutch kit shows its quality with its dimensional accuracy, robustness and reliability. It is produced to strict Mercedes-Benz manufacturing standards and precisely tuned to the particular powertrain. This results in a smooth starting off, reduced noise and vibration, and low wear.

Clutch pressure plate

Quality on a par with a new part at an attractive price: The genuine remanufactured clutch pressure plate meets the high quality requirements of series production. This ensures that power is transmitted from engine to transmission reliably and durably.

A/C compressor

The genuine remanufactured A/C compressor is a perfect fit due to its maximum performance and reliability; which is identical to those of a new part. It ensures the compression of the gaseous refrigerant in the A/C refrigerant circuit, thus providing a healthy level of climate comfort in the cab. The genuine remanufactured A/C compressor is