Mercedes-Benz, Genuine Remanufactured Parts, Starter


Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz quality standards we apply in the remanufacturing process, the genuine remanufactured starter fires up the engine as reliably as a new part. In our professional remanufacturing process, we balance the rotor, e.g. to enhance refinement. We replace all wear-and-tear parts, seals and electrical contact bridges with new parts.
To ensure your genuine remanufactured part has a long service life, we also use special greases when replacing the planetary gear system and special coatings to protect the rotor and stator against corrosion.
Available for following vehicles:
Atego 1
Atego 2
Atego 3
Axor 1
Axor 2
Axor 3
Actros 1
Actros 2
Actros 3
Actros 4