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Complete engine

The complete engine is the all-inclusive package. The extensive package with preassembled components and the optimum dimensional accuracy ensure short downtimes. Thanks to plug-and-play, the remanufactured engine is quickly ready for action. A worthwhile investment for continued maximum vehicle availability over the long term.
The remanufactured engine is available as the fastest solution for the OM457, OM500, OM900, OM93X and OM47X engine series. We also optionally offer a factory overhaul at attractive prices based on damage and delivery time.

Genuine remanufactured complete engine, consisting of:
• Exhaust manifold
• Starter (for OM457 and OM500)
• Power-steering pump
• Air compressor
• Engine wiring harness
• Vibration dampers
• Flywheel
• Control unit with updated software
• Turbocharger
• Water pump
Available for following vehicles:
Atego 1
Atego 2
Atego 3
Axor 1
Axor 2
Axor 3
Actros 1
Actros 2
Actros 3
Actros 4