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Engine block (longbock)

The longblock is the perfect compromise between reduced downtime and a cost-effective repair solution. Repair times are shorter as there is no time-consuming building of the engine from individual components. Furthermore, parts that still work are reused, enabling a significant potential saving.
The longblock is available for the OM300, OM400, OM457, OM500 and OM900 engine series.

Genuine remanufactured longblock, consisting of:
• Nozzle holders (for OM457 and OM500)
• Pistons
• Crankshaft
• Camshaft
• Oil pump
• Oil injection nozzles
• Connecting rods
• Timing case
• Cylinder head gaskets
• Cylinder head covers (for OM457 and OM500)
• Cylinder heads
• Crankcase
• Cylinder liners
• Miscellaneous small parts
Available for following vehicles:
Atego 1
Atego 2
Atego 3
Axor 1
Axor 2
Axor 3
Actros 1
Actros 2
Actros 3