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Factory overhault engine

The factory overhaul is the economical alternative to a remanufactured engine and is especially worthwhile in the case of older vehicles. The engine is prepared, tested and completely overhauled at the Mercedes-Benz factory with the same care and the same quality standards as for a remanufactured engine.
There are three options to choose from, depending on the urgency of the overhaul:
• "Individual" factory overhaul: The most cost-effective solution for having your engine overhauled individually at the production plant.
• "Standard" factory overhaul: We quickly deliver an already overhauled engine specifically configured for your vehicle. Delivery time: 6 to 10 business days.
• "Express" factory overhaul: You receive an already overhauled engine within 24 hours.

In some markets, the price of the factory overhaul can be based on the damage.
Available for following vehicles:
Atego 1
Atego 2
Atego 3
Axor 1
Axor 2
Axor 3
Actros 1
Actros 2
Actros 3
Actros 4