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You receive new-part quality at a great price, as the clutch parts from our range of genuine remanufactured parts meet the stringent quality requirements applicable to series production. That ensures reliable and long-lasting power transmission from the engine to the transmission. The clutch parts are optimally matched to the other Mercedes-Benz clutch components. They are manufactured according to the stringent Mercedes-Benz standards of quality and are a perfect fit for the respective drivetrain. The results are reduced noise and vibration, lower wear, a comfortable ride, no jolting during starts and exceptional vibration damping.

Clutch plate

A clutch plate as a genuine remanufactured part ensures that vibrations between the clutch and the crankcase are damped reliably. It meets the high Mercedes-Benz standards of quality at all times in the process.

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Clutch actuator

The new clutch actuator meets all Mercedes-Benz quality standards and is available for numerous model series.

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Fluid coupling

This Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured part enables especially powerful, precise and wear-free starting procedures as well as unlimited maneuvering at low engine speeds and full torque.

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Clutch pressure plate

A genuine remanufactured clutch pressure plate meets the exacting quality requirements applicable to series production at Mercedes-Benz, ensuring the best possible power transmission.

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Clutch kit

A clutch kit as a genuine remanufactured part for trucks offers smooth starts and reduced noise, vibrations and wear.

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Clutch booster

A hydraulic clutch booster as a genuine remanufactured part is perfectly matched to the other clutch components and enables precise and comfortable shifting.

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Genuine remanufactured clutches from Mercedes-Benz – nothing but comfortable shifting.

For reduced non-operational times and low-cost repair, you will find the perfect solution to your clutch repair needs in our comprehensive and readily available range of genuine remanufactured parts. Truck clutches as genuine remanufactured parts from Mercedes-Benz are particularly noteworthy for their performance, durability and reliability. They also meet extremely high standards of quality and service life. Maintaining their functional capabilities – transmitting power from the engine to the road as effectively as possible – is always the top priority. Your clutch remains a true original thanks to the exceptional expertise of our employees and standardized processes with tests and inspections based on series production specifications. You can rely on a genuine remanufactured part in every way. It fulfills the exacting Mercedes-Benz standards, incorporates the latest technological advancements and is designed for a long service life.