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EGR valve

Mercedes-Benz Vans EGR valve remanufactured parts

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  • Reduction of nitrogen oxides
  • Original quality from the manufacturer
  • Long service life
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What are the product advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured EGR valve?

To reduce the quantity of environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), the genuine remanufactured part reliably regulates the recirculated exhaust gases. The EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve) is remanufactured in a sophisticated process and tested according to high Mercedes-Benz quality standards. This facilitates both a long service life and high engine functionality, which ensures compliance with the emission standard.

How does an EGR valve work?

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured EGR valve regulates the recirculated exhaust gases to minimize the quantity of environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). As part of this, a controlled quantity of exhaust gas is withdrawn and added back into the combustion process. This reduces toxic nitrogen oxides since less oxygen is burned when exhaust gases are supplied to the combustion chamber. As a result, the combustion temperature decreases by several hundred degrees. Because the exhaust gases first arise at high temperatures, harmful nitrogen oxides can thus be significantly reduced. A positive side effect is that the supplied exhaust gas results in reduced fuel consumption.

How to recognize an EGR valve defect

Because the mechanical control mechanism of the EGR valve is exposed to unfiltered exhaust gases, this soots up over time, and proper opening and closing is prevented. For this reason, it is recommended to replace the worn used part with a remanufactured EGR valve with the quality standard of a new part.

Typical symptoms of a defective EGR valve include:

  • Reduced engine output
  • Significantly increased nitrogen oxides in the emission test
  • Exhaust smoke
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Engine runs irregularly/sputters in case of gas supply
  • Emission indicator lamp active

The EGR valve as a genuine remanufactured part stands for quality.

Mercedes-Benz offers you the full functionality of a remanufactured genuine part that arises from the professional cleaning and remanufacturing of the EGR valve. Due to the remanufacturing of our remanufactured parts, natural resources are preserved; this protects the environment, and we also pass on the cost advantages to you. With genuine Mercedes-Benz remanufactured parts, you can contribute to environmental protection and at the same time minimize your costs.

  • Vito/V-Class
    • W447 (from 2014)
  • Vito/Viano
    • W 636 (from 2009)
    • W639 (from 2003)
  • Sprinter
    • W 900 (from 1992 )
    • W903 (1995 - 2006)
    • W 904 (1995 - 2006)
    • W 906 (from 2006)
  • T1R Classic
    • W 909 (from 2013)
  • Vario
    • W 310 (1967–1996)
    • W 313 (1967–1996)
    • W667 (1985 02001)
    • W668 (1986–1996)
    • W 669 (1986–1996)
    • W670 (1986–1996)

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