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Manual transmissions

Mercedes-Benz Vans manual transmissions as a remanufactured part

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  • Ideal rpm transmission
  • Optimally adapted gearsets
  • Smooth driving comfort
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What are the product advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured manual transmission?

Your old Mercedes-Benz manual transmission can be quickly replaced by a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured transmission. Many components, such as the central clutch release bearing and gearshift connection, are quickly available and preinstalled to keep time off the road to a minimum. With a remanufactured genuine manual transmission, your suspension will have the same smooth running as the equivalent Mercedes-Benz new part.

Our decades of experience in the production and further development of commercial vehicle transmissions give us an unparalleled level of expertise. As a result, our transmissions today are characterized in particular by three features:

  • Smooth running characteristics
  • Low weight
  • Extreme longevity

How does a manual transmission work in a Mercedes-Benz van?

The manual transmission of a van is located between the drive axle and engine. It serves in the drivetrain for power transmission and thus the adaptation of the power output by the combustion engine. More precisely, its task is to receive and transmit the engine torque. This torque is then transmitted via the transmission to the wheels. Each gear requires a different transmission ratio; the speed can thus be kept in a range that allows for optimal engine output. In a manual transmission, the drive force flows from the engine via a disk clutch to the manual transmission. Each gear has a gearset that transmits the power to the drivetrain. The gear ratio of the gearset determines the speed and torque at the drive axle.

How to recognize a defective manual transmission:

  • Vibrations or grinding noises from the transmission tunnel
  • Gears can no longer be engaged
  • Engaged gears hop

Mercedes-Benz quality for your manual transmission.

The high quality that comes as standard with Mercedes-Benz is not only available in series production, but also in the genuine remanufactured versions. These standards include professional cleaning of the parts as well as the replacement of wear parts by new parts. The manual transmission is tested in various driving situations and different load situations on a test stand. This ensures the high longevity and reliable functioning of our remanufactured parts.

  • Vito/V-Class
    • W447 (from 2014)
    • W 638 (1996 - 2003)
  • MB 100 - 180
    • W 631 (1988 - 1995)
  • Vito/Viano
    • W 636 (from 2009)
    • W639 (from 2003)
  • Vaneo
    • W 414 (2001 - 2005)
  • Sprinter
    • W 601 (1980 - 1995 )
    • W 602 (1980 - 1995 )
    • W 611 (1981 -1995 )
    • W 900 (from 1992 )
    • W 901 (1995 - 2006)
    • W902 (1995 - 2006)
    • W903 (1995 - 2006)
    • W 904 (1995 - 2006)
    • W 906 (from 2006)
  • Citan
    • W 415 (from 2012)
  • Vario
    • W 309 (1967–1996)
    • W 310 (1967–1996)
    • W 313 (1967–1996)
    • W667 (1985 02001)
    • W668 (1986–1996)
    • W 669 (1986–1996)
    • W670 (1986–1996)
  • X-Class
    • W470 (from 2017)

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