High voltage battery

The Mercedes-Benz remanufactured high-voltage battery is developed specifically for use in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It complies with the current series-production drawing status and is always loaded with the latest software. For maximum performance, the genuine remanufactured high-voltage battery is produced according to strict quality directives at Mercedes-Benz, making it fit for a long service life.


This genuine remanufactured part brings your vehicle's radio up to the current quality standard of the equivalent new part. All of the components are tested in a professional analysis and remanufacturing process, and defective printed circuit boards are replaced completely. The software is updated, and the rotary switches and buttons are replaced. The device is

Engine control unit

The engine control unit is the electronic heart of the powertrain. This genuine remanufactured part controls the engine just as reliably as a new part. During its remanufacturing, the control unit undergoes full electronic testing and is loaded with the latest software. The wear-and-tear parts are replaced with new parts.

Comfort system control unit

The genuine remanufactured comfort system control unit maximizes comfort and driving safety in every operating state. Using our exclusive manufacturer's knowledge and skills, we put the control unit through an extensive test in order to ensure perfect matching with all comfort systems in the vehicle.

Air mass sensor

The genuine remanufactured air mass sensor operates as precisely and reliably as a new part. It reliably optimizes fuel injection and thus ensures a high engine output and a long service life for the engine parts. So, as well as being attractively priced, the genuine remanufactured air mass sensor is also economical over the long


The genuine remanufactured alternators meet the latest quality standards and satisfy the Mercedes-Benz testing requirements. All parts are cleaned and have any corrosion removed before being remanufactured and tested. Furthermore, the threads are reworked, and all small parts are replaced with new parts. The balanced rotor ensures refinement and a long service life on a

Transmission control unit

The transmission control unit is supplied with the current software version and undergoes a full final examination after careful remanufacturing. This process ensures optimum interaction between engine and transmission for optimum power transmission without jolting.

Navigation/COMAND system

This genuine remanufactured part makes your vehicle's multimedia system work and look great. All of the components are tested in an extensive analysis and remanufacturing process to bring the remanufactured part up to the current quality standard of the equivalent new part.


Thanks to remanufacturing according to current Mercedes-Benz quality standards, the genuine remanufactured starter fires up the engine as reliably as a new part. In our professional remanufacturing process, the rotor is balanced, e.g. to enhance refinement. We replace all wear-and-tear parts, seals and electrical contact bridges with new parts.


The Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured NOx sensor measures the nitrogen oxide content in the exhaust gas in an extremely precise manner and thus provides up-to-date data for exhaust gas aftertreatment. It thus creates the requirement for compliance with the legal exhaust gas emissions, low fuel consumption as well as optimal output – Mercedes-Benz quality at an