Mercedes-Benz, Genuine Remanufactured Parts, Crankshaft


The genuine remanufactured crankshaft is remanufactured with the utmost care and precision. The convexity tolerances on the main and connecting-rod bearings, for example, are between 2 and 4 µ – exactly the same as in series production. This accuracy can only be achieved with precision machines and full knowledge of the relevant specifications.
At the end of the complex machining process, the bearing surfaces must be in the same condition as a new part. Only then does the genuine remanufactured crankshaft pass the test based on the strict Mercedes-Benz quality standards. Suitable crankshaft bearing shells and thrust plates are also optionally available.
Available for following vehicles:
Vario W 313 (1967–1996)
Vario W668 (1986–1996)
Vario W 669 (1986–1996)
Vario W670 (1986–1996)